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Behzad Darwesh Darwesh Ahmed

Personal Information

Name Behzad Darwesh Darwesh Ahmed
Surname Andazyar Behzad Zebari
Nationality Kurd
Religion Muslim
Date & Place of Birth  1.1.1975, Akre
Residency Akre, 11 Eylul
Education Graduated from College of Shareaa and Engineering 


Kurdistan Islamic Union (KIU)

Committee Membership

  1. The committee of Housing and Rural Development
  2. The committee of Municipality, and Transportation

Previous career

  1.  Head of Engineers, Experience for 12 years in Civil Engineering 
  2.  Head of Engineers, Experience for 7 years in Energy Resources Engineering 
  3.  Head of KIU's Branch for 6 years
  4.  Leading Member of KIU