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Shler Muhammed Najib

Personal Information

Name Shler Muhammed Najib
Surname Shler Atrushi
Nationality Kurd
Religion Muslim
Date & Place of Birth  3.2.1956, Halabja
Residency Sulemani, Rzgari taza
Education Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering



Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK)

Political Affiliation


Committee Membership


Previous career

  1. Engineer in Sulemani Province for 12 Years
  2. Engineer in Sulemani Municipality for 3 Years
  3. Engineer of Sulemani Reconstruction, 1994-1999
  4. Engineer of UN's Habitat Organization,-1999-2003
  5. Engineer of Sulemani Reconstruction, 2003-2005
  6. General Director of Ministry of Higher Education, Since 2005
  7. Director of New Campus of Sulemani University


Telephone:07701465669- 1825318