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Committees News

Committees’ recent meetings – 12 December 2019

Committees and international coalition military advisers discussed Peshmerga reform and unification; raised road problems with the Minister of Housing and Reconstruction; discussed amending the Law on Martyrs; and looked at the latest draft of the Anti-Narcotics Bill.

Committees' recent meetings - 10 December 2019 - 2

Parliament committees discussed amending the Pharmacists Syndicate Law, and how to help some 100 Kurds held in immigration detention centres in Greece. 

Deputy Speaker Hawrami chairs meeting of committee heads

Kurdistan Parliament Deputy Speaker Hemin Hawrami on 9 December chaired a meeting of the heads of the parliament standing committees to review their work. 

Committees’ recent meetings – 10 December 2019

The new Parliament Affairs and Complaints Committee discussed Parliament's Diwan, spending, and provincial offices. The Culture Committee discussed promoting Slemani as Kurdistan’s capital of culture, and looking into amending the Law on non-governmental organizations.

Martyrs’ Affairs Committee commemorate World Genocide Remembrance Day

Kurdistan Parliament’s Martyrs’ Affairs, Genocide and Political Prisoners Committee commemorated World Genocide Remembrance Day on 9 December, and issued a statement to the KRG, the Iraqi federal government and the international community. 

Committees' recent meetings - 9 December 2019

In recent meetings committees looked into a recent fatwa advising women against taking taxis alone and unaccompanied, and the rising divorce rate. They also met Peshmerga forces in Zummar, Mosul and Khanaqin to understand their winter conditions, and met with the Kurdistan Journalists Syndicate. 

Deputy Speaker Hawrami welcomes US and UK church charities

The Kurdistan Parliament Deputy Speaker Hemin Hawrami on 8 December welcomed representatives of church charities from United States and United Kingdomi. MPs from Parliament’s Endowments and Religious Affairs Committee joined the meeting.

Deputy Speaker Hawrami, committees and KRG Minister discuss Bill on Commercial Advertising

Kurdistan Parliament Deputy Speaker Hemin Hawrami chaired a joint meeting of three committees with the KRG Minister of Trade and Industry, Mr. Kamal Muslim, to discuss the details of the Bill (draft law) on Commercial Advertising.

Committees’ recent meetings – 8 December 2019

In recent meetings Parliament's committees discussed the case of corruption by the head of the Kurdistan Independent Human Rights Commission, meeting with Iraqi Constitutional review committee members, and problems faced by Kurds who have become refugees in Greece. 

Parliament’s Presidency chairs meeting of new Parliament Affairs and Complaints Committee

The Kurdistan Parliament Speaker Dr. Rewas Faiq, with Deputy Speaker Hemin Hawrami and Secretary Muna Kahveci, chaired a meeting with MPs of the newly established Parliament Affairs and Complaints Committee.