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Committees News

Kurdistan Parliament's statement on killing of five Peshmerga soldiers calls for conflict to be taken away from Kurdistan Region, both sides to find peaceful solution

The Kurdistan Parliament is deeply saddened by the killing of five Peshmerga soldiers today, 5 June 2021, in Amedi district in an ambush by the PKK. We call for this conflict to be taken away from Kurdistan Region's borders, for all sides to preserve Kurdistan Region's sovereignty, and for neither side to create pretexts for conflicts & invasions. 

Parliament Presidency’s statement on the fire at Sharya IDP camp for Yazidis in Duhok

We are very saddened and concerned to learn of the fire that broke out at Sharya camp in Duhok for Yazidi IDPs. We are also deeply concerned about the lives and prospects for Yazidis, and we call for the situation in their areas to be normalized so that they can return home with dignity and in peace.

Peshmerga Committee's statement on PKK's ambush on Peshmerga in Amedi district

For years the PKK’s conflict with the Turkish state has been a threat to the Kurdistan Region and has destroyed hundreds of villages in the border areas. Many times the PKK has made the Kurdistan Region pay the price for its conflict with the Turkish state.

Kurdistan's environmental NGOs give Parliament letter calling for end to environmental destruction in border areas

On 2 June several Kurdistan Parliament committees met with the Board of Kurdistan Region’s environmental NGOs, who gave them a letter of protest on behalf of more than 100 NGOs, against the environmental destruction caused by Turkey's military operations in the border areas and Iran cutting the water flow. 

Speaker Faiq chairs meeting of Parliament’s legislation advisers and UNITAD on Bill on Court for Crimes of ISIS

Kurdistan Parliament Speaker Dr. Rewaz Faiq on 31 May chaired a consultative meeting between UNITAD and Parliament’s legislation advisers to discuss the Bill on the Court for the Crimes of ISIS.

Committees' recent meetings - 2 June 2021

Committees are working on several bills on commerce, investment and stamp duty, and discussed how to resolve the problem of children living in prisons with mothers serving sentences.

Health and Environment Committee’s statement on logging Kurdistan’s forests

We are appalled by and strongly reject the Turkish government's logging of trees in Zakho and Amedi districts in Duhok province.

Committees' recent meetings - 26 May 2021

Committees discussed several bills that are in passage, implementation of the Reform Law in the martyrs and anfal affairs directorates, and the conditions for Peshmerga on the frontlines.

Speaker Rewaz Faiq and Social Affairs Committees discuss draft amendments to Law on Rights and Privileges of Persons with Disabilities and Special Needs

Kurdistan Parliament Speaker Dr. Rewaz Faiq on 23 May attended the meeting of the Committee on Social Affairs and Protection of Human Rights, to discuss proposed amendments to the Law on the Rights and Privileges of Persons with Disabilities and Special Needs.

Committees' recent meetings - 23 May 2021

Committees looked into Parliament's budget and expenditure and are working on amendments to laws on the Integrity Commission and on the Rights and Privileges of Persons with Disabilities and Special Needs.