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Committees News

Committees' recent meetings - 20 May 2021

The Finance Committee met separately with the KRG minister of interior, Peshmerga and martyrs' affairs to question them about the KRG's second report on implementation of the Reform Law.

Statement by Parliament's Culture Committee on media coverage of young man's self-immolation

The irresponsible and unethical way that the media covered a young man setting himself on fire in front of the UN headquarters in Erbil has led to condemnation of the media and calls for changes to media regulation in Kurdistan.

Deputy Speaker Hawrami and MPs visit Kurdistan Teachers Union on their 59th anniversary

Kurdistan Parliament Deputy Speaker Hemin Hawrami and MPs on 17 May visited the Kurdistan Teachers Union (KTU) to congratulate them on their 59th anniversary and to discuss their concerns and problems. 

Committees' recent meetings - 5 May 2021

The Committee on Kurdistani Areas discussed the Bill on the Criminal Court for Crimes by ISIS. The Integrity Committee discussed the second report on reform, and the proposal to amend the Law on the Kurdistan Integrity Commission. 

Committees' recent meetings - 3 May 2021

The Health Committee met with health authorities in Erbil and Duhok to monitor the Coronavirus vaccine receipts, storage and delivery to the public. 

Deputy Speaker Hawrami visits families of three Peshmerga martyred near Prde

Kurdistan Parliament Deputy Speaker Dr. Hemin Hawrami and MPs on 2 May offered their condolences to the families of three Peshmerga soldiers, Captain Pshtiwan Zrari, Idris Barham and Hemin Yahya Saeed, who lost their lives on 1 May in an ISIS attack near Prde.

Committee on Kurdistani Areas outside the KRG Administrative Area's statement regarding ISIS attack on Prde

We call on the Iraqi Federal Government to abide by its military agreement with the KRG, and we call for measures to be taken urgently to implement Article 140 of the Constitution.

Attack on Peshmerga in Prde: Peshmerga Committee calls for Iraqi and Peshmerga forces to cooperate to fill security gap

This is not the first time such cowardly attacks have been carried out on Peshmerga forces, many times ISIS terrorists have exploited the security gap between the Peshmerga forces and the Iraqi federal army to attack the Peshmerga.

Committees’ recent meetings – 30 April 2021

The Health Committee is monitoring the Coronavirus vaccine delivery system, the Culture Committee is asking for steps to put into effect the Law on the Right to Access Information. 

Committees’ recent meetings – 26 April 2021

Several committees studied the statistics on increasing incidents of domestic violence and killings of women and overall killings, and the legislative gaps in tackling these crimes.