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Committees News

Statement by Martyrs' Affairs Committee on 7-year commemoration of Yazidi Genocide

ISIS wanted to annihilate the religion, culture and language of this native community of Kurdistan and Iraq, and to demographically change an important area of Kurdistan, but with the help of Kurdistan’s allies, the Yazidis remain in Shengal and have maintained their religion, culture and language.

Statement by Martyrs Affairs Committee on 38th anniversary of killing of 8,000 Barzanis

This crime is considered a genocide by all international legal standards. Iraq is a party to the 1948 Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide and to other human rights agreements.

Committees’ recent meetings – 29 July 2021

Committees worked on several bills and also discussed the current dangerous wave of the Coronavirus and the 12th grade high school exams.

Relations and Kurdish Diaspora Committee thanks Belgian Parliament for recognition of Yazidi Genocide

We thank Belgium’s House of Representatives for their recognition of the genocide against the Yazidis, and we thank each and every member of the Belgian Parliament who voted on this important issue that shook humanity’s conscience.

MPs attend 40th day memorial for five Peshmerga soldiers killed by PKK on Mount Matin in Amedi district

"The view of all of the blocs and committees in Kurdistan Parliament is that the PKK only creates pretexts for regional countries’ forces to occupy Kurdistan Region’s territory, establish military bases and undermine Kurdistan Region's sovereignty and constitutional status."

Committees' recent meetings - 13 July 2021

Committees are looking into how the 200 billion dinars sent by Baghdad to the KRG will be spent, the KRG's refusal to recognize academic certificates if received without getting permission to study, and the Bill on Preservation of Manuscripts and National Archives.

Committee's recent meetings - 12 July 2021

The Protection of Women's Rights Committee sent the KRG a proposal for a new Domestic Violence Law, to replace the 2011 law which has gaps and shortcomings. This and other committees' news...

Kurdistan Parliament’s Martyrs Affairs Committee thanks Belgium Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee for recognition of genocide against Yazidis

The Yazidis hope that the international community will take such steps as your committee has taken to pave the way for bringing to justice the perpetrators of these deliver at least some justice in this case, and to act as a deterrent to such crimes happening again.

Three committees assigned to summarize Parliament’s demands from KRG on public finances, salary shortfalls and Reform Law

The Kurdistan Parliament on 28 June held a sitting presided over by Speaker Rewaz Faiq, with nearly 18 hours of questions and discussion with the KRG on the economic problems and the reasons for failing to pay public salaries in full and to implement the Reform Law.

Committees' recent meetings - 22 June 2021

Committees met with the Dutch Consul General; visited Halabja to look into allegations of health sector corruption; and met with the Anfal survivors organization who asked for more financial support for survivors.