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Committees News

Joint committee discuss findings of visits to Duhok border areas affected by conflict

The Parliament joint committee formed to look into the impact of the Turkey-PKK conflict on the borders of Duhok province, in Zakho and Amedi districts, met to discuss their findings and draft their report.

Education Committee meet with Higher Education Minister Dr. Aram Mohammad

Kurdistan Parliament’s Committee on Higher Education and Scientific Research, led by the chair Abdusalam Dolamari (KDP), on 23 June met with officials of the KRG Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, led by the Minister Dr. Aram Mohammad.

Legislative Committee meets with Yazda Yazidi organiziation and UNITAD on Bill on Special Court for Crimes of ISIS

Kurdistan Parliament’s Legislative Committee on 16 June met with Yazda, a multi-national Yazidi NGO, and UNITAD, to discuss the Bill on the Special Court in Kurdistan Region - Iraq for Crimes by ISIS.

Committees' recent meetings - 16 June 2021

A summary of Kurdistan Parliament's committees' recent work and activities. 

Committees' recent meetings - 14 June 2021

Committees discussed their findings at the villages in the border areas of Duhok affected by the PKK-Turkey conflict; the decision to increase cancer medicines; and the Bill on Preservation of Documents, Manuscripts and National Archives.

Social Affairs & Human Rights Committee in Duhok meet with directorates for domestic violence, social care and prisons

The committee held several meetings to scrutinize the performance of the directorates in Duhok responsible for combating domestic violence, providing social care and running prisons.

Committees' recent meetings - 10 June 2021

Committees made their recommendations in a report to the KRG on tackling the rise in killings and violence in general and particularly against women, following the sitting of 25 May on the issue.

Committees' recent meetings - 9 June 2021

The Integrity Committee met with a Halabja doctor who highlighted corruption in the province's health sector. Committees are working on the Bill on Regulating Surveillance Devices and the Bill on Application of Iraq's Stamp Duty Law. 

Relations Committee's symposium discusses US-Iraq Strategic Dialogue, security threats, Iraqi election, Reform process, political disunity

Kurdistan Parliament’s Relations Committee on 6 June held a symposium on the Challenges and Prospects for Kurdistan Region, with panels on the US-Iraq Strategic Dialogue, security threats after the war against ISIS, anticipated changes after the next Iraqi election, the Reform process and the impact of political disunity on Kurdistan Region’s position and status.

Speaker Rewaz Faiq at Relations Committee’s Symposium: We have asked UN General Representation to help stop military incursions, take conflict out of Kurdistan Region

6 June 2021 - At a symposium organized by Parliament's Relations Committee on the Challenges and Prospects for Kurdistan Region, Speaker Rewaz Faiq said that Parliament has asked the UN General Representation in Kurdistan to help end military incursions in the border areas and take the conflict out of Kurdistan Region.