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Relations Committee's symposium discusses US-Iraq Strategic Dialogue, security threats, Iraqi election, Reform process, political disunity

Kurdistan Parliament’s Relations Committee on 6 June held a symposium on the Challenges and Prospects for Kurdistan Region, with panels on the US-Iraq Strategic Dialogue, security threats after the war against ISIS, anticipated changes after the next Iraqi election, the Reform process and the impact of political disunity on Kurdistan Region’s position and status.

Speaker Rewaz Faiq at Relations Committee’s Symposium: We have asked UN General Representation to help stop military incursions, take conflict out of Kurdistan Region

6 June 2021 - At a symposium organized by Parliament's Relations Committee on the Challenges and Prospects for Kurdistan Region, Speaker Rewaz Faiq said that Parliament has asked the UN General Representation in Kurdistan to help end military incursions in the border areas and take the conflict out of Kurdistan Region.   

Kurdistan Parliament's statement on killing of five Peshmerga soldiers calls for conflict to be taken away from Kurdistan Region, both sides to find peaceful solution

The Kurdistan Parliament is deeply saddened by the killing of five Peshmerga soldiers today, 5 June 2021, in Amedi district in an ambush by the PKK. We call for this conflict to be taken away from Kurdistan Region's borders, for all sides to preserve Kurdistan Region's sovereignty, and for neither side to create pretexts for conflicts & invasions. 

Parliament holds photography exhibition on late Dr. Rozh Nuri Shawes's life and career

The Kurdistan Parliament on 29 March held an exhibition of photographs of the late Dr. Rozh Nuri Shawes, the former speaker of Parliament who passed away in February.

Kurdistan Parliament honours Mala Mustafa Barzani on 42nd commemoration of his death

Kurdistan Parliament MPs on 1 March honoured Mala Mustafa Barzani, the leader of the Kurdish liberation movement, on the 42nd commemoration of his death in 1979.

Kurdistan Parliament pays last respects to former speaker Dr. Rozh Nuri Shawes

The Kurdistan Parliament on 15 February held a funeral ceremony for the late Dr. Rozh Nuri Shawes, a former speaker of the parliament, member of the KDP political bureau and veteran Peshmerga who held leading positions in government in Kurdistan Region and Iraq.

Parliament publishes status update on legislative proposals made in 2019, first year of current term

The Kurdistan Parliament publishes a status update on the legislative proposals and draft resolutions that were proposed in 2019, in the first and second sessions of the first year of Kurdistan Parliament’s current fifth term.

Secretary Kahveci leads MPs in Duhok meetings to look into status of ethnic and religious communities

Kurdistan Parliament Secretary Muna Kahveci on 10 February led a delegation of MPs on a visit to Duhok, Sheikhan and Al-Kosh to look closely into the welfare of the original ethnic and religious communities and strengthen relations between the Kurdistan Parliament and the communities.

KRG negotiating team to explain to Parliament outcome of latest talks with Iraqi Federal Government

On Monday 28 December, the Kurdistan Regional Government’s team for negotiations with the Iraqi Federal Government will explain the outcome of their latest talks with Baghdad to the Kurdistan Parliament. Deputy Prime Minister Qubad Talabani and the other KRG officials will meet with Parliament’s Presidency, heads of the parliamentary parties and three parliament committees at 11am.

Parliament Presidency's statement on Kurdistan Flag Day

On the day that we celebrate our beloved flag of Kurdistan, we congratulate all the people of Kurdistan and the followers of the way of our flag. Our flag is a symbol of sacrifice and everlasting prosperity. To keep our flag flying high we must not be discouraged by any sacrifice.