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Parliament Secretary’s News

Parliament holds public hearing on Bill on Combating Domestic Violence & Violence Against Families

Kurdistan Parliament’s Committee on Protection of Women’s Rights and the Research Centre together with the National Democratic Institute (NDI) on 31 January 2022 held a public hearing on the new Anti-Domestic Violence Bill.

Secretary Muna Kahveci participates in launch of legislative proposal on the public prosecution service

The Investigator Organization for the Rule of Law (IOL), with the support of the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), a US non-profit organization, held a conference on a legislative proposal that aims to reform the public prosecution service.

Secretary Muna Kahveci welcomes Mir Hazim Mir Tahsin Beg, the Prince of the Yazidis

Kurdistan Parliament Secretary Muna Kahveci on 18 January 2022 with Mir Hazim Mir Tahsin Beg discussed the laws on the rights of the religious and ethnic components, and the efforts to reactivate the Kurdistan Constitution drafting committee.

Parliament’s Presidency conveys best wishes to Kakayis on Qawltas, the Three Nights holy feast

On the occasion of the Three Nights Feast (Qawltas), we convey our best wishes to our Kakayi brethren and wish them a happy feast day.

Statistics on Kurdistan Parliament’s work in 2021, the third year of the current fifth term

The Presidency of the Kurdistan Parliament announces the following data on Kurdistan Parliament’s work in the year 2021, including the number of sittings, laws and resolutions passed, recommendations, written questions, and attendance of KRG ministers at sittings and committee meetings.

Parliament’s Presidency convey best wishes for the New Year 2022

We call on Kurdistan's political forces and parties to come together to form one strong bloc in the formation of the new Iraqi government, and to work to solidify the rights and demands of the people of Kurdistan.

Parliament’s Presidency announce end of autumn session of Parliament

On 31 December 2021, the Presidency of the Kurdistan Parliament in a declaration announced their decision to end the autumn session of the third year of the fifth term of Parliament, per Article 7 (paragraph 1) and Article 18 (paragraph 3) of Parliament’s Internal Rules of Procedure.

Parliament's Presidency wishes all Christians a Merry Christmas

On the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, we give our best wishes to Christians in Kurdistan Region, Iraq and around the world. We hope that this occasion brings peace to our region. 

Order of Business for sitting of 21 December 2021

The Speaker of the Kurdistan Parliament Dr. Rewaz Faiq calls MPs to a sitting on Tuesday 21st December 2021 at 11am, the 12th ordinary sitting of the autumn session of the third year of the fifth term of Parliament. The Presidency of Parliament announces the order of business of the sitting as follows:

Parliament celebrates Kurdistan Flag Day 2021

The Kurdistan Parliament on 16 December 2021 celebrated the annual Kurdistan Flag Day. Speaker Dr. Rewaz Faiq, Deputy Speaker Dr. Hemin Hawrami, Secretary Muna Kahveci, the Parliamentary parties, the Diwan of Parliament and families of Kurdistan's martyrs were in attendance.