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Sittings & Legislation News

See also videos of Parliament's sittings. 

Committees' recent meetings - 26 January 2021

The Religious Affairs Committee met with the Board on Friday sermons to discuss the importance of sermons for maintaining inter-religious peace and tolerance; the Municipalities Committee and tourism officials discussed a bill to regulate and develop tourism.

Speaker Faiq: "The Kurdish movement's important achievements stem from the Peshmerga veterans' era of struggle and resistance"

Speaker Faiq and MPs met with the Council of Peshmerga Veterans of Kurdistan, led by Jamil Hawrami, and pledged to support their demands.

Committees' recent meetings - 21 January 2021

The Relations Committee, Minister Safeen Dizayee and the KRG's representatives abroad met online to discuss the challenges in the representatives' work and how to strengthen Kurdistan's diplomatic position.

Committees' recent meetings - 13 January 2021

Committees scrutinized the KRG's changes to taxation, the use of local oil refineries for meeting local needs, discussed media legislation with the Kurdistan Journalists Syndicate and drafting a bill on sports.     

MPs pass Law on Sale and Lease of Public Assets in Kurdistan Region

The Law sets out proper conduct and policies that the authorities must follow when selling or leasing public assets and properties, to ensure full transparency, clarity and justice in the public's interest.

Parliament confirms Dr. Kamal Abdulhamid Atroshi as KRG Minister of Natural Resources

At an extraordinary sitting of the Kurdistan Parliament on 6 January during the winter recess, MPs entrusted Dr. Kamal Abdulhamid Atroshi with the post of KRG Minister of Natural Resources, with 81 out of the 101 present members voting in favour of appointing him.

Legislative and Finance Committees prepare Bill on Sale and Lease of Public Assets for vote on 6 January

Parliament’s Legislative Committee and Finance and Economic Affairs Committee gathered on 5 January to review their final joint report on the Bill on the Sale and Lease of Public Assets in the Kurdistan Region.

Order of Business for extraordinary sitting of 6 January 2021

The Speaker of the Kurdistan Parliament calls MPs to the first extraordinary sitting of the third year of the fifth term of the Kurdistan Parliament on Wednesday 6th January 2021 at 11am. The Presidency of Parliament announces the order of business of the sitting as follows:

KRG’s negotiators explain outcome of latest talks with Baghdad to Kurdistan Parliament

Kurdistan Regional Government Deputy Prime Minister Talabani told MPs, "We have agreed with the Iraqi government on the 2021 general budget and 12.67% has been set as the Kurdistan Region's budget," he said. "We are now waiting for the agreement to be passed and implemented in the Iraqi parliament."

Law on Illegally Taken or Used Land in Kurdistan Region’s Municipalities to be amended

Mayors, municipal authorities and the Municipalities Ministry told Parliament's Municipalities Committee that there are problems and obstacles to implementing the law and suggested that Parliament amend some articles so that the legislation better serves the public.