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Kurdistan Parliament publishes Resolution no. 11 of 2019 on Yazidi Genocide

The Kurdistan Parliament publishes online the resolution on the Yazidi Genocide, Resolution No. 11 of 2019. The resolution is as follows.
The crimes committed by ISIS against the Yazidi in the areas of Kurdistan outside the Kurdistan Regional Government administrative area must be recognised as international crimes of Genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes, and under the provisions of the Constitution of Iraq, the Iraqi Federal Government is responsible for making reparations, giving rights and privileges to the survivors, and is responsible for reconstructing their areas.

3rd August will be designated the Day of Remembrance of the Genocide against the Yazidis committed by ISIS.

The Council of Ministers and the other relevant authorities must implement this Resolution.

No law or resolution that conflicts with this resolution can be implemented.

This resolution will come into force on the day that it is published in Waqaa’ia Kurdistani newspaper (Kurdistani Chronicle/Gazette)