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MPs debate draft resolution on Yazidi Genocide remembrance day, which calls for Iraq to make reparations to survivors

MPs today, 1st August, debated for nearly three hours the draft resolution on designating 3rd August as Yazidi Genocide Remembrance Day, and on calling on the Iraqi government to make reparations to the survivors and victims’ families. Today’s Parliament sitting was for the second reading of the draft resolution, at which MPs give their opinions on each article of the draft and on its purpose as a whole. MPs will vote on the resolution this Saturday 3rd August at 11am.

The five articles of the draft resolution:

  • The crimes committed by ISIS against the Yazidi in the areas of Kurdistan outside the Kurdistan Regional Government administrative area must be recognised as international crimes of Genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes, and under the provisions of the Constitution of Iraq, the Iraqi Federal Government is responsible for making reparations, giving rights and privileges to the survivors, and is responsible for reconstructing their areas.
  • 3rd August will be designated the Day of Remembrance of the Genocide against the Yazidis committed by ISIS.
  • The Council of Ministers and the other relevant authorities must implement this Resolution.
  • No law or resolution that conflicts with this resolution can be implemented.
  • This resolution will come into force on the day that it is published in Waqaa’ia Kurdistani newspaper (Kurdistani Chronicle/Gazette).

Dr. Vala Fareed, the KRG Minister of the Region for Parliamentary Affairs, was invited to the second reading and gave her opinion on the draft. Dr. Fareed said that under Iraqi Law no. 20 of 2009 on Compensating Victims of Military Operations, Military Mistakes, Terrorist Actions and Kidnapping, Iraq is responsible for reparations to the survivors and families of the victims of the Yazidi Genocide. She also said that Article 132 (paragraph 2) of the Iraqi Constitution makes a provision for compensation to the families of victims of acts of terrorism.  

At the end of the debate, Speaker Faiq asked MPs to vote on the resolution on Saturday 1st August at 11am.

At the draft resolution’s first reading on 11th July, 65 MPs had proposed the resolution, and 95 MPs voted in favour of working on it urgently to pass it ahead of the anniversary. The draft had also been discussed with the KRG, as any bill or resolution that may have budgetary implications needs special attention, per articles 79 (paragraph 4) and 92 of Parliament’s procedures.