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Culture Committee completes final report on Turkmen National Days draft resolution

Parliament Secretary Muna Kahveci on 22 December chaired the meeting of the Culture, Civil Society, Sports and Youth Committee to discuss the draft Resolution on Turkmen National Days. The meeting was attended by the KRG Minister of the Region for Components’ Affairs, Aydin Maruf Salim.   

Secretary Kahveci, who is a member of the Turkmen Reform Party, commended the peaceful coexistence between all the ethnic and religious components of the Kurdistan Region.

The committee members and Minister Aydin Salim, who is a member of the Turkmen Front party, discussed the Turkmen National Days draft resolution. The committee voted in favour of their final report and of submitting it to Parliament’s presidency to schedule the resolution for its second reading. The draft resolution’s first reading was held on 10 December. At the second reading, MPs will debate and make suggestions on its details.