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Deputy Speaker Hawrami sends Christmas wishes to Christians in Kurdistan, Iraq and the world

Kurdistan Parliament Deputy Speaker Hemin Hawrami conveyed his best wishes to Christians at Christmas in the following message.

In the name of God, the Most Compassionate and Merciful,

On the birthday of Holy Jesus, Peace be Upon Him, I send my warmest wishes to Christians in the Kurdistan Region, Iraq and around the world, and wish them a joyful and peaceful Christmas.

Historically Kurdistan Region has been a cradle of peaceful coexistence and diversity, and a safe haven for the Christians who are an indigenous component of our society as well as for Christians who have sought refuge in Kurdistan. Kurdistan Region will remain a safe home for Christians.

We ask that everyone protect Kurdistan’s stability, peaceful coexistence, multi-ethnicities and religious freedom and follow Kurdistan’s successful model.

Hemin Hawrami

Deputy Speaker of the Kurdistan Parliament