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Deputy Speaker Hawrami visits Kurdistan Toilers Party political bureau

Kurdistan Parliament Deputy Speaker Hemin Hawrami on 3 December visited the political bureau of the Kurdistan Toilers Party to congratulate them on their recent tenth congress. He was welcomed by the party’s Secretary General Mr. Balen Abdullah, and members of the political bureau.

Deputy Speaker congratulated Mr. Abdullah on his election as Secretary General and the new members of the political bureau. Mr. Hawrami gave his views on the current situation in Kurdistan Region and the KRG’s negotiations with Baghdad, the KRG’s efforts to carry out reforms in government institutions, and Parliament’s efforts to build a consensus on how to draft the Kurdistan Constitution. He commended the Toilers Party for playing their role in unifying Kurdistan’s political forces.  

Secretary General Abdullah thanked Deputy Speaker Hawrami for his visit. He briefed Mr. Hawrami on the decisions made at the party’s congress and the new structure of the party. He stressed the need for national unity and working for the best interests of the people of Kurdistan.