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Speaker Dr. Rewas Faiq chairs seminar on Protection of Domestic Products Bill

The Kurdistan Parliament Speaker Dr. Rewas Faiq, with Deputy Speaker Hemin Hawrami and Secretary Muna Kahveci, chaired a seminar on the Bill on Protection of Domestic Products in Kurdistan Region - Iraq.

MPs of Parliament’s Energy, Natural Resources, Commerce and Industry Committee and representatives from the Kurdistan Importers and Exporters Union and the Federation of Kurdistan Chambers of Commerce discussed gave their comments and opinions on the bill.

Speaker Faiq said, “At the start of Parliament’s current term, our work focused on authorising Kurdistan’s institutions. From now on, our focus is on filling the legal vacuum in some areas, for example on protecting Kurdistan’s domestic products.”

“The Kurdistan Region should not rely solely on oil revenues and should rely on strengthening the economy through the development of tourism, agriculture and industry to increase domestic production. This is part of the Kurdistan Regional Government’s manifesto and Parliament will support the policies by issuing legislation and resolutions and following up on their implementation,” the Speaker continued.

Dr. Faiq added that the feedback from the KRG and others confirmed the need to have a different law from Iraq’s Law on Protection of Domestic Products, by adding some articles that suit the needs and circumstances of the Kurdistan Region.”

The Energy, Natural Resources, Commerce and Industry Committee decided to report the seminar participants’ comments and suggestions to Parliament’s Presidency.