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Kurdistan Parliament's orders and resolutions in July 2019

The Kurdistan Parliament publishes online the following recent orders and decisions:

  • Resolution no. 9 on the Kurdistan Parliament’s majority votes of confidence to the Prime Minister and the ministerial candidates of the ninth KRG cabinet
  •  Resolution no. 10 on the election of Dr. Rewas Faiq Hussein as Speaker of the Kurdistan Parliament
  • Order no. 3 on the election of Reving Heruri (KDP) as new Chair of the Kurdistan Parliament Committee on Peshmerga, Interior, Security and Local Councils

Order numbers 4 to 7 are on the automatic relinquishment of Kurdistan Parliament membership for the MPs that were appointed as ministers in the ninth KRG cabinet, as follows:

  • Order no. 4 on Dr. Vala Fareed Ibrahim (KDP, former Speaker)
  • Order no. 5 on Begard Talabani (Begard Dilshad Shukrullah, PUK)
  • Order no. 6 on Aydin Marouf Salim (Turkmen Front)
  • Order no. 7 on Abdullah Haji Mahmud (Abdullah Mahmud Abdullah, Sardam, Socialist Democratic Party).

Please scroll through the gallery below to read the resolutions and orders.