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Deputy Speaker Hawrami continues meetings with German MPs in Bundestag

Kurdistan Parliament Deputy Speaker Hemin Hawrami on an official visit to Germany continued a series of meetings with MPs of the Bundestag in Berlin. He thanked the MPs for Germany’s support to Kurdistan Region, and both sides welcomed more inter-parliamentary ties.

The Deputy Speaker on 28 and 29 November met German MPs from the government coalition as well as opposition parties who speak on foreign policy or economic cooperation and development.

In separate meetings Mr. Hawrami met with:

- The governing CDU-CSU alliance MPs Mr. Roderich Kiesewetter, the group's Special Representative on Foreign Policy, and Mr. Markus Grubel, the German Government Commissioner for Global Freedom of Religion;

- SPD group MPs Dr. Nils Schmid the party's Foreign Policy Spokesman, Ms. Simtje Moller and Mr. Cristoph Matschie. The SPD is in the government grand coalition; 

- Left Party MPs Ms. Helin Evrim Sommer, Spokeswoman for Economic Cooperation and Development Policy, and Mrs. Heike Hansel, Deputy Chair of the Left Party. 

Deputy Speaker Hawrami said that violence against the demonstrators in central and southern Iraq must end and their demands should be met. The German MPs were concerned about the demonstrators, and also asked about relations between Erbil and Baghdad. Mr. Hawrami said that Erbil and Baghdad have have positive dialogue on resolving the outstanding disagreements by implementing the Iraqi Constitution.

The Deputy Speaker and German MPs discussed the situation in Syria and the concern for civilians and their internal displacement. 

Mr. Hawrami asked Germany and the international community to give more support for Kurdistan’s humanitarian assistance to refugees and IDPs.

He also thanked Germany for extending its training and assistance mission to the Peshmerga forces.

The Bundestag MPs and Mr. Hawrami agreed to have continued discussions and explore closer inter-parliamentary ties.

Deputy Speaker Hawrami visited Germany on the official invitation of the German Federal Foreign Office to attend the annual Berlin Foreign Policy Forum. He also met German MPs at Bundestag and visited the KRG Representation during his visit.

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