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Secretary Muna Kahveci makes speech on empowerment of women at MERI Forum

Kurdistan Parliament Secretary Muna Kahveci on 6 November made a speech on women in leadership and opportunities to empower women, at the Middle East Research Institute (MERI) forum in Erbil.  

Secretary Kahveci in her speech said that several laws passed by the Kurdistan Parliament guarantee womens’ political and social rights. She also spoke on the importance of women’s self-confidence in their abilities as being no less than those of men socially, politically, administratively and in government positions.

She added that women are capable of rising to the highest levels in many other fields as well. She hoped that women will eventually be able to achieve the highest positions in Kurdistan’s political system without relying on quotas.

The Parliament Secretary also referred to women’s role in Kurdistani society, saying that currently two women serve in the three-person Presidency of the Kurdistan Parliament and three women are ministers in the KRG cabinet.

She called on women to support each other and on the media to give women equal opportunities. She also urged civil society organizations to give women more important roles and chances to progress.

Ms. Kahveci then answered questions in a panel discussion. The theme of the session was ‘Women in Positions of Leadership: Opportunities for Empowerment’, at the MERI Forum 2019 which was held under the title of ‘Ending Wars – Winning Peace in the Middle East’.