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Statement by Presidency of Kurdistan Parliament on Turkey's military campaign on Western Kurdistan

In a statement issued on 9th October, the Presidency of the Kurdistan Parliament called on Turkey to halt its military campaign in Western Kurdistan, expressing their grave concern over its impact on a number of Kurdish areas. Parliament’s Presidency demanded that the military campaign be ended immediately and that problems between both sides be resolved through dialogue.

The Presidency of Kurdistan Parliament noted, “The Turkish military campaign comes at a time when the war against terror has not yet ended and the civilians in the areas live with instability and insecurity. The military action does not resolve the problems, it only makes the situation worse. These problems must be ended through dialogue.”

“We call on the international community, especially the United States, Russia, Britain and France, to intervene and make concerted efforts to stop the Turkish military campaign, and to create the right environment for a return to dialogue without resort to military force,” the statement read.

The Parliament’s statement strongly condemned the military campaign that exposes civilians to shelling and bombardments: “The Kurdistan Parliament fully supports a return to dialogue and fostering the right conditions at the regional level to tackle all the problems. The Turkish military campaign comes at a time when the Kurdish people are proud to be at the forefront of the battle against the threat of Islamic State terrorist extremism and to achieve regional and global stability, in which they have lost many lives.”

“The continuation of military action will create fertile ground for terrorists, will reverse the outcome of military successes against terrorism, and jeopardizes regional and global peace and stability.”

“The Kurdistan Parliament supports peaceful and democratic means to resolving all problems. It is the right of the Kurdish people in any part of Kurdistan to struggle for their legitimate rights. Parliament’s Presidency called on all Kurdish parties to set aside their differences in the face of this crisis. The Kurdistan Parliament is observing the situation closely and is working to hold a special sitting on the events unfolding in Western Kurdistan.”