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Committee on Social Affairs, Protection of Women’s Rights and Human Rights visit Slemani

MPs of Kurdistan Parliament's Committee on Social Affairs, Protection of Women’s Rights and Human Rights on 4th and 5th September visited Slemani. They visited departments that oversee social care and combatting violence against women. They also met with people with disabilities and with prisoners to learn more about their needs and problems.   

The committee met officials at the Directorate General of Social Development, to discuss the challenges facing people with disabilities and how to improve social services in Slemani. The MPs vowed to follow-up on their problems and to look into amending legislation. They also pledged to take their concerns into account in the process of drafting laws.

The MPS also visited the Directorate for Combating Violence against Women to hear their concerns and problems and their views on supporting women's rights.

The MPs visited a Centre for Autism, meeting with organizations that support people with disabilities and discussing their needs.

On the second day of their visit to Slemani, the MPs visited juvenile, women and adult prisoners to discuss their problems, and the Directorate of Social Care to learn about the needs of boys and girls in their care.

The committee members also visited the labour syndicate, job centre and vocational training directorate. The MPs promised to provide them with the necessary support. The committee delegation was led by the chair Mr. Romeo Hakari (National Union Coalition).