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Parliament Speaker Dr. Rewas Faiq welcomes France's new Consul General Olivier Decottignies

Kurdistan Parliament Speaker Dr. Rewas Faiq on 10 September welcomed France’s new Consul General Mr. Olivier Decottignies in Kurdistan Region. They focused on the talks to resolve outstanding problems between the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Iraqi Federal Government according to the Iraqi Constitution.

Speaker Faiq congratulated Consul General Decottignies on taking office. She outlined the Parliament Presidency’s mission to encourage all political forces to come together on the key issues of drafting a Kurdistan constitution, the reform agenda and improving public services.

Dr. Faiq said that Parliament’s Presidency supports the KRG’s policy of solving outstanding issues with the Iraqi Government according to the Iraqi Constitution. She briefed him on the latest developments in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq.

Consul General Decottignies said that France is ready to support Kurdistan Region strengthening its political and economic stability, and to help resolve the issues between Erbil and Baghdad.