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Parliament's Presidency hold press conference on meetings with political parties

At a press conference on 9th September, the Speaker of the Kurdistan Parliament Dr. Rewas Faiq said that we need a Kurdistan Constitution and that political parties should set aside their differences in drafting it and prioritise the national interest. Deputy Speaker Hemin Hawrami said that in the current four-year term Parliament will work to strengthen the public's confidence in politics.  

The press conference took place after the Parliament Presidency's meeting with the PUK’s Deputy Secretary General Mr. Kosrat Rasul. 

Speaker Dr. Rewas Faiq said that Parliament’s Presidency decided to visit all the political parties in the Region, especially those that have seats in parliament, to build consensus on key national issues such as drafting the Kurdistan Constitution. She said, “We believe that the Kurdistan Region needs a constitution and that we should set aside our differences in drafting it.”

Dr. Faiq said that Parliament supports the government’s agenda and should put the legislative framework in place for the government to carry it out. This is why Parliament needs support of Kurdistan’s political forces.

Dr Faiq said Parliament’s Presidency believes reform of government institutions is a national demand and is critical at this time. Parliament can also play a vital role in giving political support to negotiations between the KRG and the Iraqi Government.

Speaker Faiq said, “We ask all the political parties to support this negotiation so that Kurdistan can achieve its legislative and constitutional rights. As we believe that Parliament is an umbrella for all the parties whether they have or don’t have seats in parliament, we are representatives of all the people, whether or not they participated in the last general election. We will protect the interests of the people of Kurdistan through our constitutional, political and financial rights, that’s why we need the support of all the political parties”.

Deputy Speaker, Hemin Hawrami said, “We in Parliament have decided that Parliament’s fifth term should be one of strengthening the KRG’s institutions, and building confidence to the Kurdistani people in our political system. The Parliament should be the arena for solving all problems, in order to face challenges such as the Iraqi Provincial Elections Law in the disputed areas, and the Iraqi 2020 budget.

Mr. Hawrami said that some laws and bills by Iraq’s Council of Representatives are aimed at weakening Kurdistan Region’s current constitutional status and neglecting Kurdistan’s role in the disputed areas. That is why Parliament’s Presidency, in consultation with the parties, decided to meet all the political parties.

Deputy Speaker Hawrami said that a Kurdistan constitution is important to protect its constitutional status and to consolidate democracy by having general elections every four years. He said, “Our priority in visiting all the parties is to encourage them to get together under the umbrella of the Kurdistan Parliament and to solve our problems in Parliament.” He added that Parliament’s meetings with the political parties will continue.

The Kurdistan Parliament’s message to the people, Mr. Hawrami said, is that Parliament belongs to them and they will do everything possible to provide stability, better living opportunities and services to the people; support reforms in the KRG institutions, and support the KRG cabinet and the talks by the Kurdistan Presidency and the KRG to resolve problems with Baghdad.

Parliament Secretary Muna Kahveci was also at the press conference.