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Summary of Committees’ recent meetings – 10 September 2019

Summary of Kurdistan Parliament committees’ recent meetings and activities: 

Endowments and Religious Affairs Committee

8 September - The committee held their usual meeting, led by committee chair Dr. Hawraman Gacheney (KIG). They discussed the notes, requests, and reports submitted to the committee and replied to all of them. They also discussed a report prepared by a delegation of the committee regarding the Haj pilgrimage arrangements. They decided to prepare a report about the Haj pilgrimage administrative process and submit it to Parliament’s Presidency.

Finance and Economic Affairs Committee

3 September - The committee held their usual meeting, led by committee deputy chair Mr. Hevidar Ahmad (KDP). They discussed the Iraq Financial Management bill of 2019.

They decided to ask the President of Kurdistan Region and the KRG Premiership to protest the articles of the bill that violate the rights of the Kurdistan Region. The committee asked the President of Kurdistan Region, per Law No. 1 of year 2005, to bring a case to the Federal Court of Iraq to protect Kurdistan’s rights under Article 121 of the Iraqi Constitution. 

The committee also discussed their report about the KRG Board of Audit, and decided the steps needed to reactivate the role and work of the Board, according to Law No. 9 of 2008.

Culture, Civil Society, Sports and Youth Committee

3 September - The committee, led by committee chair Mr. Luqman Wardi (PUK) visited the Kurdistan Olympic Committee and met with the head Mr. Salah Hassan.

They discussed the role of the Kurdistan Olympic Committee and the challenges that it faces. The Olympic Committee asked parliament to put their previously submitted legislative proposal on the current four-year term’s agenda. The MPs pledged to discuss the Olympic Committee’s recommendation with the Presidency of Parliament.   

Committee on Peshmerga, Interior, Security and Local Councils

3 September - The committee held their usual meeting, led by committee chair Mr. Reving Heruri (KDP). They discussed Parliament Presidency’s notes on problems and complaints submitted by the public, and decided to form several subcommittees to follow up on them.

They also discussed working hours of staff under the Interior Ministry, in security services and of Peshmerga forces, and establishing special courses for police officer graduates. The committee decide to form a subcommittee to follow up on proposed amendments to the anti-narcotics law, to differentiate between dealers and users.

On the same day, the committee met representatives of Ministry of Interior employees from all provinces of Kurdistan. The delegation asked the committee to equalize their salaries with those of Iraq’s Interior Ministry employees. The committee promised the employees’ representatives to deliver their message to the relevant authorities.

Committee Social Affairs, Protection of Women's Rights, and Human Rights

3 September - The committee held their usual meeting, led by committee chair Mr. Romeo Hakari (National Union Coalition). They discussed the notes on the meeting committees’ chairs with Parliament’s Presidency, as well as notes, reports, and requests submitted by the public on several social and women’s problems. Some NGOs have asked the committee to look into sentencing in practice of those who murder women and children.

The committee decided to visiting Slemani province, to follow up on issues at the General Directorate of Social Affairs, Directorate of Social Protection Network, Directorate on Combatting Violence against Women, children’s homes and homes for people with disabilities.