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Speaker Dr. Rewas Faiq congratulates Kurdish Writers Union on their Golden Jubilee

Kurdistan Parliament Speaker Dr. Rewas Faiq congratulated the Kurdish Writers Union on their Golden Jubilee, in the following message.

Members of the Board of the Kurdish Writers Union,

I convey my best wishes to all Kurdish writers and intellectuals on the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Kurdish Writers Union. I hope that this event marks the start of a new era of your service to Kurdish literature and culture. 

Since its inception, the Kurdish Writers Union has played an important role in protecting the Kurdish language.

As a literary and intellectual body, over fifty years of activity you have always been on the side of the people and the Kurdish struggle. Scores of your members lost their lives working for Kurdistan’s national goals. 

The Kurdish Writers Union has also contributed extensively to the Kurdish library and produced some great works of literature.

Your Golden Jubilee is a milestone in the history of Kurdish literature. We hope that you continue to serve Kurdish literature and culture through cultural programs and long-term plans, and by raising awareness among future generations of our humanistic and national values.