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Committees’ recent meetings – 14 July 2020

A summary of Kurdistan Parliament committees’ recent meetings and activities:

Committee on Municipalities, Transport, Communication, Travel and Tourism

13 July - The committee, led by the chair Luqman Wardi (PUK), held their usual meeting. They discussed the responsibilities of municipalities and the transportation and communications sector.

The MPs decided to visit relevant authorities and sites to scrutinize the problems and look into possible solutions. The committee also decided to visit Erbil International Airport to learn more about its operations.

Education, Higher Education, and Scientific Research Committee

12 July – Several committee members, including Rahi Rahber (PUK), Ashna Abdullah (Change), and Shamol Ashen (PUK) met with the American University of Iraq Sulaimani (AUIS), a private institution.

The aim of the meeting was to get acquainted with AUIS’s work and affairs and to scrutinize AUIS’s compliance with the Ministry of Higher Education’s decisions and instructions, especially the ministry’s instruction to reduce all private universities’ tuition fees.

The committee has met with several private universities in Kurdistan Region, to understand and scrutinize the fairness of their tuition fees.

Health, Environment and Consumer Rights Committee

12 July- The committee, led by the chair Dr. Sabah Zebari (KDP), held their usual meeting. They discussed the articles and details of the Bill (draft law) on Patients' Rights and Duties, the conditions for healthcare workers and the current situation in the Coronavirus pandemic.

The committee decided to ask the KRG Health Minister to attend a Parliament sitting to discuss the Coronavirus containment measures, and the welfare of healthcare workers and the public at this stage of the pandemic.