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Committees’ recent meetings – 17 July 2020

A summary of Kurdistan Parliament committees’ recent meetings and activities:

Energy, Natural Resources, Commerce and Industry Committee

15 July – The committee, led by the chair Ali Hama Salih (Gorran), discussed the obstacles to increasing domestic production in order to meet domestic demand, and how to overcome those obstacles.

The MPs also discussed electricity, water and power generation plants, and decided to ask the Minister of Electricity for a meeting to scrutinize and look for solutions to electricity shortages and problems.

The committee discussed the public’s monthly food rations, food inputs as well as the food needs of people in the Kurdistani areas outside the KRG administrative areas.

The committee decided to prepare a report for Parliament’s Presidency on the points covered in their meeting and their decisions.

Committee on Municipalities, Transport, Communication, Travel and Tourism

14 July – The committee, led by the chair Lukman Wardy (PUK), visited the Erbil 150 metre road building project, to look into its details and progress of its current initial stage.

The MPs discussed the project with the manager and staff of the implementing company and told them that local labour, materials and equipment should be used in the project.

The 150 metre road is a key road traffic project in Erbil.

Education, Higher Education and Scientific Research Committee

14 July – Members of the committee, led by the chair Abdusalam Dolamari (KDP), visited Duhok Governorate’s Directorate of Education to look into the procedures for the high school grade 12 final exams to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus in the exam halls and centres.

The committee also met with the President and staff of the American University of Kurdistan – Duhok (AUK), a private institution, to discuss the needs and challenges in the higher education sector.