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Parliament’s Presidency condemns deadly ISIS attacks on Kakayi villages in Khanaqin

Kurdistan Parliament Speaker Dr. Rewas Faiq and Deputy Speaker Hemin Hawrami in statements condemned ISIS terrorist attacks on 13 June on the Kakayi villages of Merkhas and Dara in Khanaqin, in the Kurdistani areas outside the KRG administrative area. The Kakayi are a Kurdish religious minority. Their statements on 14 June made the following points:

ISIS terrorists killed and wounded several civilians in brutal attacks on the villages of Dara and Merkhas in Khanaqin district. We condemn this crime of terrorism and express our deepest sympathy to the families of the victims. We wish those injured a full and speedy recovery.

Crimes that target civilians only strengthen the will of our nation, and they only show our enemies’ utter rejection and contempt for reconciliation and co-existence. Our enemies will never be able to change the demography of the Kurdistan Region through such acts of terror.

Coordination must be established between the Iraqi security forces and the Peshmerga as soon as possible, so that they fulfil their duty to protect civilians in the areas.

The threats and attacks against civilians in these areas, who have been the victims of extremists and terrorists for decades, must be stopped as soon as possible.

Parliament’s Committee on Kurdistani Areas outside the KRG Administrative Area also issued a statement condemning the terrorist attacks.