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Parliament delegation led by Deputy Speaker Hemin Hawrami visit KRG Representation in Berlin

On 5 March Kurdistan Parliament Deputy Speaker Hemin Hawrami and several MPs visited the Kurdistan Regional Government Representation in Berlin and met with the Representative, Mr. Dilshad Barzani.

The cross-party Parliament delegation asked Mr. Barzani about the Representation’s work and challenges, and relations with Germany. They thanked him for his role in developing close bilateral relations.

Mr. Hawrami and Mr. Barzani commended Germany for its support to the Peshmerga forces in the war against ISIS, and the continued successful cooperation in many areas.

The Kurdistan MPs and Mr. Barzani discussed the KRG’s consular work for the Kurdistani community in Germany and challenges with staffing.

The MPs said that they hope to develop closer ties with members of Germany’s federal parliament.

Tomorrow the delegation will attend a major conference at the German Parliament on the Kurdish Question in the Middle East. On the invitation of the German Parliament, Deputy Speaker Hawrami will speak on a panel, and several German MPs will also give speeches.

The delegation with Mr. Hawrami consists of: Rebwar Babkayi (KDP), chair of the Relations and Kurdish Diaspora Committee; Karwan Gazneyi (PUK), vice-chair of the committee; Ashna Abdalla (Change Movement); and Klara Bafro (Assyrian Syriac Chaldean Democratic Council).