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Committees' recent meetings - 17 May 2020

A summary of Kurdistan Parliament committees' recent meetings and activities:

Committee on Kurdistani Areas outside KRG Administrative Area

13 May - The committee, headed by the chair Jiwan Rojbayani (KDP), discussed the situation in the Kurdistani areas outside the KRG administration, particularly the crime of the deliberate setting on fire of farmers’ crops. 

The Committee condemned the burning of agricultural products in these areas, and called for an immediate end to them. The committee also wrote a letter to Parliament’s presidency, asking Parliament to convene to discuss the issue.

Legislative Committee 

13 May - The committee, led by the chair Bizhar Kochar (KDP), met to prepare their final report on the draft resolution on exceptionally extending the deadline that MPs can submit legislative proposals. The aim of the draft resolution is to compensate for the time lost due to the Coronavirus lockdown

The committee prepared all the articles of and their notes on resolution, taking into account MPs’ comments on it at its second reading.

The committee decided to submit their final report on the resolution to Parliament’s Presidency so that it can be scheduled for its third reading and vote.