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Committees’ recent meetings – 20 May 2020

A summary of Kurdistan Parliament committees' recent meetings and activities:

Culture, Civil Society, Sports and Youth Committee

17 May – Following recent demonstrations in Duhok governorate, the committee called on the KRG security forces to protect the lives of journalists and demonstrators, and to ensure that journalists can carry out their work as per the applicable laws: Law on Access to Information in Kurdistan Region, (Law No. 11 of 2013), and the Kurdistan Media Law (Law No. 35 of 2007). 

Journalists should no longer be prosecuted and arrested for covering demonstrations, the committee stated.

Defending freedom of expression is a defense of democratic principles, and it is the duty of the nation’s institutions to guarantee freedom of expression, the committee stressed.

Endowments and Religious Affairs Committee 

17 May - The committee commended the Kurdistan Regional Government's measures to contain the Coronavirus outbreak, especially the steps taken by the Ministry of Health and the security forces. 

The committee also thanked religious leaders for their active role in raising public awareness about the Coronavirus.

The committee members also studied the letters and requests passed to them by the Speaker of Parliament, and made decisions on each issue.

Parliament Affairs and Complaints Committee

17 May - The committee, led by the chair Dr. Esmail Sgery (KIU), held their usual meeting. They discussed how to respond to complaints from committees, how to raise parliamentary advisers' requests, and requests to issue diplomatic passports to MPs.

The committee members read all the notes and letters submitted to them and decided on responses to each of them. 

Peshmerga Affairs Committee

17 May - The committee, led by the chair Reving Heruri (KDP), held their weekly meeting.

The MPs discussed the recent ISIS attacks against farmers and civilians in Khanaqin and the increasing threat posed by ISIS, which has stepped up its movements, in the Kurdistani areas outside the KRG administrative area.

The MPs decided on responses to all of the notes and letters submitted to the committee.