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Parliament’s Presidency congratulates teachers on 58th anniversary of Kurdistan Teachers Union

Kurdistan Parliament’s Speaker, Deputy Speaker and Secretary on 14 May conveyed their best wishes to teachers on the 58th anniversary of the Kurdistan Teachers Union.

In her message to the Teachers Union, Speaker Rewas Faiq wrote: Since its inception, the union has played an important role in educating generations of scientific, educational, political and cultural figures in Kurdistan. The current financial crisis and delays in paying teachers’ salaries are causing great hardship. It is the duty of the Teachers Union to support the rights and demands of teachers, as a neutral and non-partisan organizational work.

In his congratulatory message, Deputy Speaker Hawrami stated that as well as educating generations, Kurdistan’s teachers have had the rare honour of being part of the armed resistance at several important junctures of Kurdistan’s struggle for rights and freedom. Teachers are known in Kurdistan for their patriotism and for their commitment to teaching their students despite facing great economic hardship, he noted.

Deputy Speaker Hawrami stated that with the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic and subsequent economic crisis that is affecting both Kurdistan and the world, teachers’ livelihoods have suffered. He hoped that soon we will overcome the current hardships and enter a brighter period.

He noted that Parliament is working to pass laws to improve teachers' lives and to encourage all relevant parties to consider teachers' livelihoods. He hoped that the challenges can be overcome through the unity of all political sides.

Parliament Secretary Muna Kahveci congratulated the head, secretariat and all members of the Kurdistan Teachers Union, and asked them to continue to work in earnest for teachers’ rights.

She stated that teachers have played a vital role in instilling a sense of national identity in many generations of children and university students. Parliament supports teachers’ rights, Secretary Kahveci added, and she thanked teachers for working despite tough economic conditions.