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Secretary Muna Kahveci conveys best wishes on Turkmen Language and Culture Day

Kurdistan Parliament Secretary Muna Kahveci on 17 November conveyed her best wishes for Turkmen Language and Culture Day in the following message:

The 17th of November is the annual Turkmen Language and Culture Day, and the Kurdistan Parliament voted to designate it as the official national day of the Turkmen community, passing Resolution No. 1 of 2020, with the aim of strengthening and enriching multiculturalism in the Kurdistan Region.

I warmly congratulate all members of the Turkmen community, on the day celebrating our language and culture that form our identity and the pillar of our lives and national survival. In Kurdistan Region the official language is Kurdish, but for us ethnic and religious communities of Kurdistan, under laws passed by the Kurdistan Parliament we are free to read and write in our mother tongue. This is a manifestation of true coexistence at its highest level between the communities in Kurdistan Region, with our rights protected by law which ensures the continuation of our people and nation.

We in Parliament, the Kurdistan Regional Government, civil society organisations and every individual in our community need to focus our efforts on further protecting our national language and culture, because any nation without autonomy that preserves its language will never be lost and one day will gain its independence.

Muna Kahveci

Secretary of the Kurdistan Parliament

17 November 2020