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Parliament condemns burning of Kurdistan flag and KDP branch office in Baghdad

Today, October 17, 2020, an illegal force attacked the headquarters of the 5th branch of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) - the largest party in the Kurdistan Parliament - and burned Kurdistan’s sacred flag.

We condemn the attack and the desecration of Kurdistan’s flag, which is the symbol of the people and of the sacrifices that the people of Kurdistan have made, giving their lives for freedom, democracy and prosperity.

We call on the government and the federal parliament to pursue this crime, in the spirit of coexistence and without political interference, and to bring the perpetrators to justice with the correct legal punishment. Whatever pretext the attackers gave, there were civil, media, political and parliamentary ways to respond.

The Kurdistan Parliament, as the legitimate representatives of all the people of Kurdistan, has again expressed its great concern about this regrettable incident, calling on the federal government to prevent lawless rogue forces from undermining peaceful coexistence, the principles of the Constitution, and ethnic and religious pluralism in Iraq.

May the hallowed flag of Kurdistan always fly high and proud.

Kurdistan Parliament

17 October 2020