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Parliament’s Presidency and committee give best wishes to Yazidis on Jamayi feast

The Presidency of the Kurdistan Parliament and the Endowments and Religious Affairs Committee on 6 October sent their best wishes to Yazidis for the Jamayi religious celebrations, in the following messages:

On the occasion of the Jamayi celebrations, we congratulate Yazidis in Kurdistan and around the whole world.

Yazidis are a key component of Kurdistan’s communities, and the peaceful coexistence of all ethnic and religious components of Kurdistan is a model for the region. The Yazidis are the most prominent community, and it is our duty to protect our successful peaceful inter-communal peaceful relations.

The Yazidis have always been persecuted and suffered for their Kurdish ethnicity and different religion.

The KRG and the Iraqi federal government must co-ordinate and make every effort to make reparations to Yazidis and help them return to their homes and properties in Shengal, by implementing the provisions of the Iraqi Constitution.

Presidency of Kurdistan Parliament

6 October 2020

Parliament’s Endowments and Religious Affairs Committee sent the following congratulatory message to Yazidis:

On the coming of the Jamayi Feast, we send our best wishes to Yazidis in Kurdistan, and we ask God to make this feast a source of joy, peace and blessings for all.  

We hope that Kurdistan will remain a centre of tolerance and peaceful coexistence between all components, religions and ethnicities.

Endowments and Religious Affairs Committee