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Committees' recent meetings - 6 April 2021

Protection of Women's Rights Committee

5 April - The committee, led by chair Lanja Dizayee (KDP), welcomed the Kurdistan Region political parties’ women's organizations network.

The representatives of the political parties’ women’s organizations express their concern and criticism of a MP’s derogatory use of the word ‘feminine’ at the Parliament sitting of 31 March, using the term to describe the government as being weak and ineffective.  

The representatives gave the committee a letter in which they condemned the disrespect shown to women and to their place in the society by using the word ‘feminine’ as an insult.

They asserted that MPs should believe in gender equality and humanity’s highest principles.

They asked for legal action against the MP, as a deterrence against similar statements.

The committee supported their demand.

After their meeting, the committee and the political parties’ women's organizations network held a press conference.

Energy, Natural Resources, Commerce and Industry Committee

5 April - The committee, led by the chair Ali Hama Salih (Change), met with Kamal Mohammad Salih Khalil the Minister of Electricity, to discuss the Bill on the Ministry of Electricity in Kurdistan Region - Iraq.

All the articles and paragraphs of the bill were discussed, and the MPs decided to direct it to the Presidency of Parliament to schedule it for its first reading.

Legislative Committee

5 April – The committee, led by the chair Dr. Bijar Kochar (KDP), held their regular meeting to discuss several pieces of draft legislation.

They evaluated the legislative proposals from a legal consistency perspective and exchanged views on them.

The committee decided to submit the Bill on Regulation of Surveillance Devices and the Draft Resolution on Kurdistan Journalism Day to Parliament’s Presidency to schedule them for their first readings.

Relations and Kurdish Diaspora Committee

5 April - The committee chair Dr. Rebwar Babkayi (KDP) discussed holding a conference on international developments and the challenges that they pose to Kurdistan Region domestically, in relation to Iraq and in the wider region.

The MPs exchanged their views and decided to meet with experts, academics, and national and foreign politicians to benefit from their expertise and knowledge.

The committee read all the requests and memos directed to them and raised them with the relevant authorities.