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Parliament Presidency’s statement on 47th anniversary of bombing of Qaladze

On an ordinary day, 24 April 1974, the former Ba'ath regime bombarded Sulaimaniyah University in Qaladze, killing hundreds of people and injuring many. Eight years later, on April 24 1982, two activists, Mother Amina and Sister Mahmood, lost their lives, many civilians were injured and tens of others were arrested by the Ba'ath dictatorship’s authorities.

The bombing of the university in Qaladze was a violation of international norms and conventions, but the international community was passive because of the economic and political interests of the powers.

The silence of the international community paved the way for the brutal Ba’ath regime to plan the genocide of the Kurdistani people through the chemical attack on Halabja, the Anfal campaign and the disappearance of thousands of civilians in Kurdistan.

The Kurdistan Parliament calls for unity between all the political parties in Kurdistan, because only our unity guarantees that such tragedies will never happen again.

The Kurdistan Parliament is working to ensure better services for the families of martyrs in the areas that were devastated by the Ba'ath regime. We are also working for recognition of the genocide against the people of Kurdistan.

We honour the souls of the victims of the Qaladze bombing and uprising, and of all who lost their lives for Kurdistan.

Presidency of Kurdistan Parliament

24 April 2021