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Peshmerga Committee meets with Kurdistan Region Vice President Jaafar Sheikh Mustafa and Presidency's Chief of Staff Karim Sinjari

Kurdistan Parliament’s Peshmerga Affairs Committee on 6 April met with Jaafar Sheikh Mustafa, the Vice President of Kurdistan Region, and Karim Sinjari, Chief of Staff of President Nechirvan Barzani.

The Parliament Committee was lead by the chair, Reving Hiruri (KDP). Several military advisers of Kurdistan Region’s presidency also took part in the meeting.

The committee and the Presidency discussed the Bill on Honouring the Peshmerga and the idea of designating a Peshmerga Day, and all agreed that these need concerted legislative work.

They also discussed Peshmerga with disabilities and those injured in the war against ISIS, the absent without leave and fake salary claimants, ensuring fairness in the brigades’ duties and weapons, removing the obstacles to enforcing legislation on the Peshmerga forces, the need for political will to unify the two outside brigades into the Peshmerga Ministry, allowing Peshmerga retirement, improving livelihoods and conditions for Peshmerga, stopping political party interference and implementing the Reform Law.

Parliament’s Peshmerga Committee and the Kurdistan Region Presidency decided to form a joint committee in coordination with the Ministry of Peshmerga to follow up on all of the issues and try to resolve them.