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Martyrs Affairs, Genocide and Political Prisoners Committee’s statement on 33rd anniversary of Anfal in Badinan

Today, 33 years have passed since the Anfal campaign in the Badinan area, an episode in a series of international crimes committed by the Ba'athist regime against the people of Kurdistan, in which thousands of civilians were killed and hundreds of villages in Badinan were destroyed.

This crime committed by the Ba'athist regime and the other crimes committed against the people of Kurdistan are international crimes, and the Iraqi state bears responsibility for them.

We call on the Iraqi Federal Government to fulfill their responsibility as soon as possible in accordance with the Iraqi Constitution and compensate the survivors and victims’ families, to work to heal their wounds, rebuild their areas and alleviate their suffering, and to bring the criminals to justice, wherever they may be.

And as a guarantee that such crimes against the people of Kurdistan will not be repeated, we call on Iraq to become a member of the International Criminal Court.

We honour the memory of the victims this crime and the many other crimes committed by the Ba’athists against our people.

Committee on Martyrs, Genocide and Political Prisoners

Kurdistan Parliament

25 August 2021