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Parliament Secretary Muna Kahveci congratulates Kurdistan Democratic Party on 75th anniversary

Dear President Masoud Barzani, dear members of the political bureau and the leadership council of the Kurdistan Democratic Party

On the 75th anniversary of the founding of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, I warmly congratulate you, the members of the political bureau and the presidency council, the staff, members, brave Peshmerga, honourable families of the martyrs and all supporters of the Kurdistan Democratic Party. I wish you continued success.

I appreciate the role and effectiveness of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in protecting Kurdistan, in defending freedom and self-determination throughout the history of our nation’s liberation movement, and in protecting the greater interests and sovereignty of the homeland.

The KDP has always been on the frontlines of defending the rights of the original ethnic and religious components of Kurdistan Region, and has shielded them from any threats or attacks on their lives.

I hope that you will prevail and will succeed in your political struggle to achieve all of our nation’s goals and the rights and legitimate demands of our people.

I hope that this important anniversary is an opportunity to achieve more unity in Kurdistan and greater cooperation between all the Kurdish political parties and forces, so that we protect Kurdistan Region’s constitutional status, provide more political, security and economic stability, and strengthen the peaceful coexistence between all the ethnic and religious components.

I also hope that this occasion motivates us to achieve greater peace, security and prosperity for the people of Kurdistan.

I congratulate you and wish you continued success.

Muna Kahveci

Secretary of Kurdistan Parliament

16 August 2021