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Deputy Speaker Hawrami welcomes medical inventor Dr. Azad Najar

Kurdistan Parliament Deputy Speaker Dr. Hemin Hawrami on 17 February welcomed Dr. Azad Najar, a Sweden-based doctor who is working on inventing an artificial heart. Dr. Hawrami said that Kurdistan Parliament supports Dr. Azad Najar's unique efforts and creativity.

In the meeting together with the chair and members of Parliament’s Health Committee, Dr. Hawrami on behalf of the Kurdistan Parliament commended Dr. Azad Najar’s work, saying that Kurds feel proud that a Kurdish doctor is contributing to medical advances through his invention.

Deputy Speaker Hawrami said that Dr. Najar’s medical expertise and experience can contribute to Kurdistan and the world, and asked him to work with Parliament’s Health Committee on developing Kurdistan Region’s healthcare system.

Dr. Azad Najar encouraged young Kurds to carry out medical and scientific research. He thanked the Kurdistan Parliament for their support and said that he is ready to serve Kurdistan in the area of healthcare.