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Speaker Dr. Rewaz Faiq congratulates Kurdistan Justice Group on successful fourth conference

Dear Mr. Ali Bapir, leader of the Kurdistan Justice Group*, and members of the Leadership Council,

Many congratulations on your successful fourth conference and on winning the confidence of the conference members of congress. I congratulate the president and members of the Leadership Council and all members and supporters of the Kurdistan Justice Group*.

I hope that the success of your conference will further deepen the spirit of brotherhood and coexistence between the political forces and parties in the Kurdistan Region, help to achieve the legitimate goals of our people, and bring lasting stability to Kurdistan.

I hope that all the fundamental developments and changes that your party has made at the conference will have practical results on the ground and in the political struggle. I congratulate you once again and wish you success.

Dr. Rewaz Faiq

Speaker of Kurdistan Parliament

20 February 2021

* Until their fourth conference, the party was called the Kurdistan Islamic Group, and holds seats in Kurdistan Parliament.