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Parliament Presidency’s statement on the fire at Sharya IDP camp for Yazidis in Duhok

We are very saddened and concerned to learn of the fire that broke out at Sharya camp in Duhok for Yazidi IDPs. We are also deeply concerned about the lives and prospects for Yazidis, and we call for the situation in their areas to be normalized so that they can return home with dignity and in peace.  

We have asked Parliament’s relevant standing committees to look into the needs and wishes of the affected IDPs who have suffered losses and damages due to the fire. The committees will raise the affected IDPs’ needs with the relevant authorities, and ask for compensation and for their suffering to be alleviated as quickly as possible.

The Yazidi Kurds have suffered enormously and must be allowed to live in peace and with dignity. We demand that every effort be made to end their suffering.

We call on the relevant parties in Kurdistan Region and Iraq and charitable organizations to quickly deliver aid to those who have been affected by the fire.

Presidency of Kurdistan Parliament

5 June 2021