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Speaker Faiq chairs second meeting with UNITAD and Kurdistan Judicial Council on the Bill on Court for Crimes of ISIS

Kurdistan Parliament Speaker Dr. Rewaz Faiq on 7 June chaired the second consultative meeting with UNITAD, to discuss the Bill on the Court in Kurdistan Region for the Crimes of ISIS. Members of the Kurdistan Judicial Council participated in the meeting.

The bill had its first reading in Parliament on 5 May and is being reviewed and prepared for its second reading. The first meeting with UNITAD took place on 31 May.

The participants included Hedya Murad Haidar (KDP), a Yazidi MP; Dr. Vala Fareed, KRG Minister for the Region for Parliament Affairs; Dr. Dindar Zebari, KRG International Advocacy Coordinator; members of the Kurdistan Judicial Council, the chief judges of the appellate courts of Erbil, Duhok and Slemani; Christopher Gosnell, Senior Advisor to UNITAD; and Parliament’s legislative advisers.

Speaker Faiq said that Parliament’s Research Centre will compile the comments and views expressed at the meetings and will consult wiith universities and academic centres for a more detailed analysis of the bill, to prepare it for its second reading.

UNITAD is the United Nations Investigative Team to Promote Accountability for Crimes Committed by Da’esh/ISIL.