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Speaker Rewaz Faiq to EPIC NGO: Weakness of democratic culture in Iraq means elections will be problematic

Kurdistan Parliament Speaker Dr. Rewaz Faiq on 8 June met with the representative of Enabling Peace in Iraq Center (EPIC).

The latest political developments in Iraq and Kurdistan Region, the next Iraqi elections and the challenges that face Iraq before and after the elections were discussed.

Speaker Faiq said “Currently Iraq is in the midst of great challenges, and as time passes it will become more complicated. The culture of democracy in Iraq is not at a level that elections can take place without any problems. Disagreement is not conducted in a peaceful or healthy way, and the likelihood of regional intervention will complicate things. We hope for a sustainable peace.”  

Speaker Faiq discussed the ethnic and religious communities of Iraqi society, and called for unity and reconciliation between all Iraq’s political parties to overcome the challenges.