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Committees' recent meetings - 3 May 2021

A summary of Kurdistan Parliament's committees' recent work and meetings:

Health, Environment and Consumer Rights Committee

3 May – Two members of the committee, Dr. Galawezh Obaid (KDP) and Luqman Wardi (PUK), visited  visited Erbil’s General Directorate of Health and met with the General Director Dr. Dlovan Muhammad, to look into the the process of receiving, storing, distributing and administering  the Coronavirus vaccine to the public in Erbil Governorate.

Dr. Dlovan Muhammad said that there are 35 vaccination centres in Erbil governorate, including in Koya and Soran districts.

The MPs then visited Rizgari Hospital’s vaccine centre to understand their data collection and recording, and ask them to be respectful and sympathetic to those who come and ask to have the vaccine.

2 May – Two members of the committee, Rapporteur Rozhan Ibrahim Ali (KDP) and Bakhtiyar Shukri (KDP), visited Duhok’s General Directorate of Health and met with the General Director Dr. Afrasiab Musa, to look into the distribution of Coronavirus vaccines. The MPs asked about the mechanism for distributing and stockpiling the vaccines. The delegation also visited Duhok’s Azadi Hospital.

The MPs decided to give a report to the committee and Parliament’s Presidency on the issue.

Culture, Civil Society, Sports and Youth Committee

2 May - The committee, led by chair Salma Fatih(PUK), welcomed the organization CNO. The meeting was dedicated to talking about youth unemployment in Kurdistan Region. The meeting emphasized that Parliament and the Government need to think about a new mechanism for creating jobs opportunities for young people in Kurdistan.

The committee said that they have prepared a report on unemployment in Kurdistan Region and directed it to Parliament’s Presidency so that it can be read and discussed at a Parliament sitting. The report includes recommendations on solving the unemployment problem and providing job opportunities for young people.

Endowments and Religious Affairs Committee

2 May - The committee, led by chair Dr. Hawraman Gacheney (KIG), held their usual meeting

All the notes directed to the committee were either answered or sent to Parliament's Presidency for further work.

The committee discussed the Bill on amendments to the Law on Management of Endowments (Law No. 64 of 1966) and they agreed to consult on the bill with the Kurdistan Region Supreme Fatwa Council, in cooperation with the Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs.

The committee decided to postpone finalizing their report on the bill until they hear the views of the Supreme Fatwa Council.