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Deputy Speaker Hawrami meets with Germany's Consul General Klemens Semtner

Kurdistan Parliament Deputy Speaker Dr. Hemin Hawrami on 3 May welcomed Germany's Consul General Mr. Klemens Semtner. They discussed the plan to establish a criminal court in Erbil to try crimes committed by ISIS. They also discussed the Kurdistan Region budget bill.

Deputy Speaker Hawrami and Consul General Semtner agreed that the establishment of a court to try those who committed crimes on behalf of the terrorist organization ISIS, was a positive and important step towards achieving accountability and justice.

The legislation to establish the court will be sent to Parliament so that MPs can work on the bill, discuss and refine it, and pass it into law. 

Dr. Hawrami and Mr. Semnter also discussed the forthcoming Kurdistan Region Budget Bill, which Parliament is waiting to receive from the Government. 

Dr. Hawrami said that the budget should be transparent for the public about the Region's income and expenditure.