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Order of Business for sitting of 23 November 2021

The Speaker of the Kurdistan Parliament Dr. Rewaz Faiq calls MPs to a sitting on Tuesday 23rd November 2021 at 11am, the seventh ordinary sitting of the autumn session of the third year of the fifth term of Parliament. The Presidency of Parliament announces the order of business of the sitting as follows:

1) The first reading of the following legislative proposals and bills, per articles 78 (paragraphs 2 and 5), 79 and 83 (paragraph 1) of Kurdistan Parliament’s Internal Rules of Procedure.

(i) Legislative proposal on Combating Violence against Families and Women in Kurdistan Region - Iraq.

(ii) Legislative proposal on amendments to the Law on Civil Evidence, Law No. 107 of 1979 and its amendments in Kurdistan Region - Iraq

(iii) Bill on Weapons in Kurdistan Region - Iraq.

2) Vote on Amendments to the Law on the Missing and Disappeared in the Campaigns of Genocide against the Kurdistani People in Kurdistan Region - Iraq, Law No. 3 of 1999, per articles 90, 91, 93, 96 and 97 of Parliament’s Internal Rules of Procedure.

3) Second reading of the Bill on Private Security Companies in Kurdistan Region – Iraq, per articles 87, 88 and 89) of Parliament’s Internal Rules of Procedure.

The Presidency of the Kurdistan Parliament decides and announces the order of business of this sitting according to Parliament’s Internal Rules of Procedure, Article 5, Article 16 (paragraph 1), Article 18 (paragraph 3), Article 20 (paragraph 1), articles 47 and 48, Article 52 (paragraph 1) and articles 54, 55, 56 and 57.