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Parliament holds second reading of Bill on Private Security Companies

The Kurdistan Parliament on 24 November 2021 held the second reading of the Bill on Private Security Companies, in the presence of the KRG Minister for the Interior Rebar Ahmed, and Minister for Region for Parliament Affairs Dr. Vala Fareed.

The Legislative and Interior committees read the entire bill, its title and purpose, and MPs made detailed comments and suggestions on all the articles. The two committees will work on the bill, based on MPs’ comments, to prepare it for the third reading and vote at a future sitting.

Minister Reber Ahmed and Minister Vala Fareed made several points about MPs’ comments and suggestions and answered MPs’ questions on the bill.

Deputy Speaker Dr. Hemin Hawrami, who presided over the last part of the sitting, postponed the second reading of the Bill on Supervision of Agricultural Projects to another sitting.