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Peshmerga Committee meet with US and Netherlands consular officials

On 5 October Kurdistan Parliament’s Peshmerga Affairs Committee, led by the chair Reving Hirori (KDP), met with Mr. Spencer Fields, Director of Political Affairs at the US Consulate General; Mr. Said Hakimi, Second Secretary for Political Affairs of the Netherlands Consulate General; and Ala Rafiq, the US Consulate General’s Political Affairs Assistant.

They discussed reforms, the projects that the International Coalition is undertaking to unify the Peshmerga forces, and the obstacles to the reform process.

Other topics that were covered were military supplies and assistance, particularly the financial assistance provided by the United States to the Peshmerga, the Coalition forces’ strategy of staying in Kurdistan Region, and information on the missile attacks on Kurdistan.

The Peshmerga Committee and the US and Netherlands consulate general officials also talked about the need for greater cooperation between the Peshmerga forces and the Iraqi federal army in order to fill security vacuums, and for this purpose the need to try to create a decision room for all sides to come to decisions together.